Event Content Curation & Strategy


We don't just do conferences! Event Content Curation is about sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific issue, challenge or training need. Our duty is all about bringing the right people together so they can share ideas, knowledge and experiences. There are a variety of different ways in which we can do this to help our clients achieve their goals yet every method we undertake will meet four key pillars:


Your thinking evolves all the time so why not bring this to life. Stand out by showing your team, clients and partners that you have a true understanding of what is happening in your industry.


We all know a problem shared is a problem halved which is why we will help you create an environment that breaks down barriers and builds collaboration.


We work hard to create memorable content that will arm you with the information you need to go back to the office and make a real impact. Remember, knowledge is power!


By working together we can achieve better results, recognition and return. Allow us to sweat the small stuff so you can get on with the day job.

Life is too short to be serious all the time.

So, if you can’t laugh at yourself, call us … We’ll make you laugh.


We simply focus on making marketing deliver results.
We work with you to create and deliver great events

In addition to creating event content we also spend time dedicated to curating and delivering digital and traditional offline marketing for a range of different businesses.

Happily we are not wed to one marketing channel or technique and are as happy with established marketing methods as we are the leading edge. We get technology but only for the sake of marketing and business, not for the sake of technology itself.

That means we work out how to best help your business goals with the right mix of marketing – offline, online, social, digital, automated or human.

  • Ensure people understand & believe in the content
  • Move minds & hearts
  • Increase engagement & Deliver Results
  • focus on the best-possible experience


Who the devil are you going to be working with?
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Anne-Marie Sheedy

Founder & Content Director
Ams has worked for and set up the events division for some of the leading publishers and events businesses in the world of marketing and advertising.
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Steve Kemish

Strategy Director
When he is not enjoying travels with Mary, Steve is a passionate and insightful multi-award-winning marketeer.
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Ginny Wood

Design & Creative
Ginny is so busy working her magic we are waiting for her description! If not, she’s baking.

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If you have an existing set of events that need reimagining, are looking at how to deliver events as part of your marketing and communications mix or just want hear more about some of the examples we mention it would be great to hear from you.